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Efficiency is vital in today’s fast-paced digital environment, especially for professionals like video creators and streamers who depend significantly on a variety of apps and tools to do their work. Together with its potent software, the Stream Deck is one such instrument that has completely changed how work is organized and completed. The features, functionalities, and ways that Stream Deck software can improve your productivity are all covered in this article.

What is Stream Deck Software?

Elgato’s Stream Deck software is the companion program to the Stream Deck hardware. By assigning different actions to its programmable LCD keys, the Stream Deck provides a control surface that users can customize to suit their needs and expedite their process. The central nervous system of the system is the software, which enables users to design and modify their essential configurations to meet their unique requirements.

stream deck software

The Stream Deck software also provides support for a large selection of plugins created by Elgato and other developers. By enhancing the Stream Deck’s functionality and capabilities, these plugins enable users to combine it with an even greater number of services and apps. With the wide range of plugin compatibility, the possibilities are practically limitless, ranging from showing real-time statistics to managing smart home appliances and engaging in chat during a live stream.

Features of Stream Deck Software

The extensive feature set of Stream Deck software is intended to improve productivity and workflow for broadcasters, content makers, gamers, and professionals alike. Here are some of its most notable characteristics:

stream deck software

Customizable Key Configurations:

With the Stream Deck, users may designate a vast array of activities for every key, such as initiating apps, carrying out keyboard shortcuts, managing media playing, modifying audio levels, transitioning between scenes in streaming software, and much more. Users may now customize their Stream Deck to fit their unique requirements and work processes thanks to this feature.

Multi-Platform Integration:

Professionals and content makers frequently utilize Stream Deck software to interact with a variety of platforms and applications effortlessly. This covers widely used creative applications like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro in addition to well-known streaming services like Twitch, YouTube, and OBS Studio. Users have a single interface from which to manage every part of their workflow.

Plugin Support:

The program supports a large selection of plugins created by Elgato and outside developers. By adding new features and functionalities to the Stream Deck, these plugins enable users to interact with an even greater number of services and apps. Plugin compatibility opens up a world of possibilities, from managing smart home devices and presenting real-time statistics to allowing discussion during a live feed.

Profile switching:

Users have the ability to make and switch between various profiles, each of which has a unique set of important settings. This feature is especially helpful for people who oversee several workflows or tasks since it makes it possible to switch between projects or activities without having to reconfigure them manually.

Mobile Companion App:

Elgato provides an iOS companion app in addition to the desktop version. This app gives customers the flexibility and convenience of remote control over their Stream Deck from a smartphone or tablet, which is especially useful for users who are on the go or require an extra control surface for their stream.

Advanced Actions:

The Stream Deck software facilitates the creation of intricate workflows and the effortless automation of repetitive activities by offering advanced actions like conditional actions, folder navigation, and multi-actions.

Visual Feedback:

Users may instantly recognize the assigned actions and status at a glance thanks to the configurable LCD keys on the Stream Deck.

Automatic Updates:

To guarantee that users have access to the newest features and advancements to maximize their workflow, the program is updated and improved on a regular basis.

All things considered, Stream Deck software provides an extensive feature set to simplify work, boost output, and enable users to express their creativity on various platforms and applications.

How to Download & Install Stream Deck Software?

It is simple to download and install the Stream Deck Software. Here’s a how-to video to get you started:

stream deck software

Go to the Official Website:

Go to Elgato’s official website to learn more about the company that makes Stream Deck software. You can accomplish this by typing the term “Elgato Stream Deck” directly into your choice search engine or by using the Stream Deck Software.

Find the Stream Deck Software:

Go to the Stream Deck area of the website when you’ve arrived. Search for options about downloading or software. There should be a section dedicated to downloading the Stream Deck application.

Select Your Operating System:

Windows and macOS are both compatible with the Stream Deck software. Based on your operating system, choose the relevant software version.

Download the Software:

Choose the relevant download link according to your operating system. This will initiate the download. The software file will download to the default download folder on your computer and should be rather tiny in size.

Install the Software:

Find the downloaded file on your computer after the download is finished. It usually appears in your Downloads folder on Windows, but it can also show up in your Downloads stack or folder on macOS.

For Windows:

  • To start the installation procedure, double-click the file that has been downloaded.
  • Observe the installation wizard’s on-screen directions.
  • During the installation, accept any conditions or agreements that are given.
  • Select the folder location on your computer where you wish to install the software.
  • To finish the installation, click either “Install” or “Finish”.

For macOS:

  • To mount the disk image, double-click the file that you downloaded.
  • To install the Stream Deck app, drag its icon into the Applications folder.
  • Await the completion of the copying operation.
  • After copying, if you’d like, you can remove the downloaded file and eject the disk image.

Start the Software:

From your desktop or applications folder, you may start the Stream Deck software once the installation is finished. Permissions may need to be granted for the software to operate, depending on your system settings.

Connect Your Stream Deck (Optional):

Click the USB icon to connect your physical Stream Deck device to your computer. The software ought to recognize the device on its own and ask you to configure it.

Customize Your Stream Deck:

After installing the software and connecting your Stream Deck, you can begin adjusting the main settings to fit your own requirements and working methods.

And that’s it! The Stream Deck program has been successfully downloaded, installed, and configured on your computer.


Stream Deck is an extremely potent tool that may greatly improve your productivity, regardless of your profession—content creator, streamer, gamer, or whatever. The Stream Deck program provides unmatched versatility and simplicity with its customized key configurations, multi-platform connectivity, plugin compatibility, profile switching, and mobile companion app. Stream Deck can help you improve productivity, increase efficiency, and unleash the full potential of your creativity. Why then wait? Upgrade your process right now by using Stream Deck software.


What is a streamdeck used for?

Are you sick and weary of trying to memorize all the keyboard shortcuts and hopping between programs all the time? Stream Deck gadgets might be the answer you’ve been searching for. With only a single touch, you can perform simple to complex operations thanks to this powerful tool that lets you create buttons with icons and actions.

Does Streamdeck require software?

Is a computer required to utilize Stream Deck Mobile? No, in order for Stream Deck Mobile to work properly, a computer must have the Stream Deck desktop program loaded. The mobile app cannot function properly without the Stream Deck desktop software on your PC, which manages all profiles and actions.

Can I use my phone as a stream deck?

Elato is a mobile app that essentially transforms any Android or iOS smartphone into a Stream Deck, in case you lack the funds or the desire to purchase a physical Stream Deck. Even on Apple devices, the app integrates with Siri to provide voice-activated automation.

Does the stream deck need Internet?

To download games and participate in online multiplayer gaming, just like on a PC, you must be online.

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