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Patriot Software is one of the most dependable and approachable options available for small business accounting and payroll solutions. This program has gained recognition for its effectiveness and cost thanks to its wide range of features that are intended to simplify financial procedures. We examine all the important features of Patriot Software in this review to assist you in making the best choice for your company.

One such program that has gained popularity recently is Patriot Software. To assist you in making an informed choice, we’ll examine the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Patriot Software in this review.

What is Patriot Software?

Specifically tailored for small enterprises, Patriot Software is an all-inclusive online accounting and payroll solution. Since its founding in 2002, Patriot Software has made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of reasonably priced and easily navigable solutions for handling accounting, payroll, and other crucial company duties.

For American small business owners with one to five hundred employees and their accountants, Patriot Software provides online payroll services. Basic Payroll has a base price of $17 per month plus $4 for each employee or contractor.

Full-service payroll has a base price of $37 per month plus $4 for each employee or contractor. Patriot manages payroll tax filings; users manage payroll. They also print paychecks and provide direct deposit at no extra cost. According to Patriot Software, further benefits include:

  • A free employee portal is also provided.
  • straightforward three-step payroll procedure
  • Quick and precise computations
  • Full-service payroll provides correct payroll tax filings that are guaranteed.

Pros and Cons

Let’s examine Patriot Software’s pros and cons:


  1. Clear Pricing: There are no unpleasant surprises. You will be fully aware of the cost.
  2. Risk-free trial: Take a look around.
  3. Unlimited Payroll Runs: Adaptability to your company’s requirements.
  4. Contractor Payments: Simplify the process of paying contractors.
  5. Manage documents electronically: Easily arrange paperwork.
  6. Smooth workflow with native time tracking integrations and accounting software.
  7. Built-in Reports: Quickly access vital information.


  1. As your team expands, keep in mind that cost per employee does not decrease with headcount.
  2. Minimal mobile functionality if there is no app.
  3. US-focused; no support for international payroll.
  4. $12 is the additional state tax filing fee for each state.
  5. Manual Entry: Requires some initial work during setup.
  6. Limited Integrations with Third Parties: Not as comprehensive as some rivals.

User-Friendly Interface:

Patriot Software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface is one of its best qualities. Even for people who don’t know much about accounting, navigating through the many modules including payroll, accounting, and time and attendance is simple. The uncluttered interface and uncomplicated design provide simple access to the necessary tools for users without overwhelming them.

Payroll Administration:

Patriot Software is a payroll management expert, providing a complete solution for companies of all kinds. This software automates a number of time-consuming procedures, saving you important time and lowering the possibility of errors, from calculating wages and deductions to creating tax forms. Patriot Software makes payroll processing easier by handling direct deposits and tax filings, all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Accounting Capabilities:

Patriot Software offers strong accounting features that support firms in maintaining accurate financial records, in addition to payroll services. With ease, users may create financial reports, track their income and expenses, and reconcile their bank accounts. Additionally, the software provides customisable choices for invoicing, which makes it easy for companies to bill customers and effectively track payments.

Customer Service:

Patriot Software is renowned for providing outstanding customer service, with informed and accommodating people. The support staff can assist you with any query you may have about utilizing a particular function or with troubleshooting an issue. By adding value to the overall user experience, this degree of assistance guarantees that companies can depend on Patriot Software to meet their accounting demands.

Features of Patriot Software

Payroll Management:

  • Management of Payroll: Unrestricted Payroll Runs: Compute payroll as frequently as required.
  • Direct Deposit: Pay workers and contractors quickly and easily by depositing money straight into their bank accounts.
  • Automate tax computations and stay current on tax regulations to ensure tax compliance.
  • Paying contractors is made simple using this system.


  • Native Accounting Software:Invoice processing, expense tracking, and financial transactions can all be handled easily using native accounting software.
  • Bank Reconciliation:Check your bank statements and accounting records for accuracy through bank reconciliation.
  • Integrated Reports: Obtain crucial financial information for well-informed decision-making.

HR Data Management:

  • Employee Records: Ensure that all employee data, including as contact information, work history, and benefits, is up to date.
  • Time tracking: Keep an eye on your output and working hours.
  • Document management: Put important documents in order and digitally save them.

Transparent Pricing:

  • No Unexpected Fees: Patriot Software gives up-front, transparent price information.
  • Budget-Friendly Plans: Select from a range of price levels according to your company’s requirements.

Customer Service:

  • Prompt Assistance: Patriot provides first-rate customer service, guaranteeing prompt resolution.
  • User Satisfaction: They stand out for their dedication to ensuring that users are happy.


  • Cost per Employee: As your team expands, the cost per employee does not go down.
  • Minimal mobile functionality if there is no app.
  • US-Oriented: Patriot Software mostly serves firms located in the United States.
  • Patriot Software has advantages, but keep in mind that you should assess your unique business needs and weigh them against those of other options.


Finally, Patriot Software provides a strong range of accounting and payroll solutions designed to meet the demands of small enterprises. It’s a strong choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners wishing to simplify their financial procedures because of its reasonable cost, intuitive design, and extensive tax compliance capabilities.

Patriot Software excels at offering a dependable and user-friendly solution for handling payroll and accounting operations, even though it might not have as much flexibility or sophisticated features as some of its rivals.

Patriot Software can assist streamline your financial management procedures and maintain the smooth operation of your company, whether you’re a freelancer in charge of your own accounts or a small business owner managing a staff.

You may decide if Patriot Software is the best solution for your company by carefully evaluating your unique requirements and contrasting its features and cost with those of other products available. For companies looking for a complete and affordable payroll and accounting solution, Patriot Software is unquestionably something to think about because of its reputation for price, usability, and dependable customer support.

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