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There are hundreds of free educational games for kids available online at Sheppard Software. They have games and exercises for students of all ages that cover a wide range of subjects, such as science, arithmetic, geography, and animals.

Although Sheppard Software Math, Sheppard Software Brain Games, and Sheppard Software Science are other excellent starting points, Sheppard Software geography classes for the US states and other nations are very well-liked.

The availability of instructional resources has increased significantly in the current digital era. Sheppard Software stands out as a light of interactive learning and pleasure among the multitude of options accessible. For more than 20 years, parents, instructors, and students have turned to Sheppard Software because of its entertaining games and instructive exercises. Explore the world of Sheppard Software and see why students of all ages are still drawn to it.

Sheppard Software is an online learning platform that offers a variety of games, exercises, and lessons aimed to supporting students’ learning and academic success across a range of subjects.

Approximately 1,000 games and materials are offered by Sheppard Software at no cost or for a minimal price, making it a popular option for educators and parents seeking dynamic and captivating methods to enhance classroom instruction.


What is Sheppard Software?

Sheppard Software

Children of all ages can enjoy a variety of interactive games, exercises, and quizzes on the educational website Sheppard Software. Sheppard Software offers a variety of educational resources, ranging from science and arithmetic to geography and languages, with the goal of letting kids learn while having fun.

Sheppard Software teaches:

Who owns Sheppard Software?

Brad Sheppard, a teacher, established Sheppard Software in 1997 because he was dissatisfied with the conventional approaches of teaching that were being employed in schools. He thought that if kids were involved in enjoyable and engaging activities that would make learning more joyful, they would learn more effectively.

Sheppard Software, commonly referred to as online learning software, is currently utilized by millions of students and instructors worldwide.

Sheppard Software’s main objectives in creating these videos are:

  • Can add a variety of sound effects, graphic effects, and numerous additional films to make learning enjoyable and unforgettable. Students would be drawn in and prevented from losing interest while learning novel and fascinating concepts.
  • Provide a variety of challenge levels for the games and quizzes so that kids and students can always have something to aim for and achieve. It will assist them in making and receiving plans.
  • Kids can improve their intelligence by exercising their minds with the many brainteasers and games.


Why Do We Need Sheppard Software?

Many students may find themselves unable to focus in class when their teachers are trying to explain something. We end when kids become lost.

You seem to lose mental awareness and are unable to comprehend anything that classmates are talking about. Before you realize it, they’ve moved on to the next subject, and you still need assistance.

It is not anyone’s fault if it is difficult at times to pay attention in class. It’s normal to become bored with something when we have no interest in it. Playing games or doing other things we enjoy doesn’t make us boring, does it?

So why do we get bored in class?

Because it seems like they should be doing something, a lot of students find reading uninteresting. However, it can aid in our comprehension if we visualize the words as we read.

It’s a great method to add some fun and activity to reading, and it’s called visualizing.

When we visualize, we use the text we are reading to conjure up mental images. It speeds up our learning process and improves our memory. Therefore, by picturing what’s happening in the story, we may make reading words on a page into a fun exercise.

How can students use visualization in the classroom now that you know how good it is? Together, let’s brainstorm some ideas!

Different Approaches to Visualization-Based Learning

You may not be aware of how amazing it is to learn through images and movies. However, how can we accomplish it? Numerous educational institutions are realizing this and coming up with innovative ways to instruct us through images. Examine a few of these methods:

1.Through Pictures

Occasionally, using images to assist us grasp something might be beneficial. You may recall how your elementary school textbooks had a lot of pictures to aid with learning. It’s possible that you used drawings to assist you in solving a difficult arithmetic issue. Images have the power to clarify concepts and improve our understanding of them.

2. Through Videos

Do you know anything about innovative classes? They are distinct because they employ a certain type of media that combines audio and visuals to facilitate learning. It is similar to watching a video with added educational value. Because they are beneficial for both adults and children, innovative classes are growing in popularity.

3. Through Music

Did you know that listening to music while learning is a highly effective method? It’s not quite “visual learning,” but it’s still a terrific technique to learn more effectively than by simply reading text on a page.

While it may not be very useful for adults, children adore it! Through music, you can learn things like rhymes and tables.

You can pick up the beat and rhythm fast, even if you don’t understand every word. Thus, the next time you find anything difficult to learn, consider setting it to a catchy song.

4. Through games

Everyone enjoys playing games! You may utilize games to help you learn, didn’t you know that? It’s accurate. You may improve your math and other topic knowledge by playing a lot of free kid’s games. While having fun, you can solve puzzles and unscramble words. You can even get over your fear of math with the help of these games!

How to Use Sheppard Software?

While more schools are beginning to teach children in this manner, some still must. These days, parents want the best for their children in order for them to succeed in life. However, parents must also assist since schools are unable to educate everything.

1. Creating an Account

It is not necessary to establish an account in order to utilize Sheppard Software. Still, registering for an account gives you access to more sophisticated capabilities like Sheppard Software Pro and the ability to save your work.

2. Navigation and Search Features

Even young children will find it easy to use Sheppard Software. Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies are the sections that make up the website’s categories. To locate the resources they require, users can also make use of the search function.

3. Using Sheppard Software on Different Devices

Sheppard Software works with a variety of gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. Irrespective of the device, visitors can access and utilize the necessary resources on the website because it is suited for various screen sizes and resolutions.

What Does the Sheppard Software Provides?

Sheppard Software is a great tool for families that homeschool. Parents who homeschool their children frequently require assistance in locating resources and things that are both interesting and useful. A vast selection of educational games and activities are available from Sheppard Software, with the goal of making learning engaging and entertaining.

1. Math and Science Games

A wide selection of math and scientific games are available from e-learning software, with the goal of making learning enjoyable and interesting. Children can study a variety of math and science topics in an engaging and dynamic manner, from addition and subtraction to physics and chemistry.

2. Social Studies Resources

A variety of social studies tools, including those on geography, history, and government, are available from Sheppard Software. Youngsters can learn about historical events, experience many nations and cultures, and comprehend democratic and civic values.

3. Language Arts and Vocabulary Tools

Sheppard Software provides vocabulary and language arts resources to assist kids improve their writing and reading abilities. Through engaging games and activities, students can learn a variety of language arts concepts, from vocabulary and comprehension to spelling and grammar.

4. Animal and Nature Resources

Children can learn about different animals, their habitats, and their habits with the aid of Sheppard Software’s array of animal and nature materials. These materials can be used to teach kids about ecology, conservation, and the environment while also encouraging a love and respect for the natural world.

5. Geography Games

Sheppard software geography includes movies on topics like as continents and oceans, world landmark puzzles, and flags of the world. Youngsters begin to observe other regions of the world and a great deal more than what is found in textbooks.

Sheppard Software for Educators

Sheppard Software is an invaluable tool for educators as well as pupils. The following are some ways that the website can help educators:

1. Teaching Tools

Sheppard Software provides instructors with an extensive array of instructional resources to enable them to design a more dynamic and captivating learning environment for their pupils. Among these resources are educational films, modifiable maps, and interactive tests.

2. Lesson Planning

For educators searching for ideas and inspiration for their lesson plans, Sheppard Software’s extensive library of games and activities might be a great resource. The games and activities on the website can be used to enhance classroom instruction or to develop a whole lesson plan centered around a particular subject.

3. Classroom Management

Additionally, Sheppard Software can assist teachers in better managing their classrooms. By providing interesting and instructive games and activities, teachers can maintain students’ attention and engagement in their studies.

How Much Does Sheppard Software Price?

How can free sound like a low, low price? Yes, Sheppard Software is completely free to use with very little advertisements or advertising. For an annual price of thirty-six dollars, you can totally opt out of commercial advertisements.

The ability to play the game is unaffected by the adverts. However, if you plan to leave kids unsupervised, I advise getting the premium version to prevent unexpected purchases.

Additionally, Adobe Flash Player is needed for the Sheppard Software website to function properly. Before playing, you will be required to accept its download.


In an ever-changing educational landscape, Sheppard Software continues to be a staunch supporter of fun and interactive learning. Learning enthusiasts of all ages are inspired and educated by Sheppard Software’s wide range of courses, captivating games, and dedication to academic standards. Sheppard Software is an important tool that should be included in your educational toolset, regardless of whether you are a parent, instructor, or student.

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